Diploma in Pro-E/Cam

2 months 4,999/-

Course Brief


  • Introduction to pro-e interface
  • Basic concept of 2D Sketches in pro-E,
  • Basic design process using Line ,Circle
  • Dimensioning, Text & fillet.

Solid Modeling Module

  • Methodology an approaches
  • Basic Concept of 3Dfeature based Modeling,
  • Creating parts by using Extrude,Revolve,Sweep,
  • Helical etc.Adding Fillet,Chamfer,creating patterns.

Surface modeling Module

  • Surface feature,extrude,Revolves,Sweep,
  • Variable section swept.

Assembly Module

  • Concept of Assembly,
  • Top down/Bottom up assembly.

Drafting & Detailing module

  • Concept of Drafting in Pro-E,
  • Creating Orthographic view,
  • Creating Dimentions, Bill Of Materials (BOM).