Certificate in Advance Excel

2 months 3,000/-

Course Brief

  • Introduction to Advance Excel Entering data and calculation
  • Working With Rows and Columns ,Cell References
  • Filling series custom List conditional Formatting
  • Maths and Trignometry Function Statistical Function Date and Time Function
  • Logical Function
  • Data Validation Function
  • Lookup Function
  • H/V look up Function
  • Function With Condition, sumif, Countif,Averageif
  • Financial Function
  • Scenario, Goal seek & Slover
  • Database Function
  • Sorting, Sub Totaling of data, Auditing, Macro & consolidate
  • Filtering of Data pivot table and Chart
  • Split/ Hyperlink to Database Freeze
  • Tracking Workbook Charge protecting page setup
  • Project on Excel With Assignment